Its Haram to sell children into marriages -Otiko to Parents

The Gender and Social Protection Minister Madam Otiko Afisah Djaba has wondered why some parents sell their children into marriages describing the practice as ‘dishonorable and haram’.

She bemoaned the alarming rate at which parents sell off their children into marriages for peanuts when they are supposed to be pursuing their education.

The enraged Minister said Ghanaian ancestors did not teach their descendants to go into this practice which brings girls’ womanhood into disrepute.

Madam Otiko warned that the practice of pushing children into early marriages and prostitution should be stopped.

She observed that the trend is prevalent in Senya Breku district of the Central region saying some parents sell their children as low as GHC20 to go into prostitution.

“You sell a child for as low as GHC20; that the worth of a child is less than the worth of a fowl or a goat, that is not the Ghana our ancestors left for us. You cannot allow your child to go and prostitute to feed you, that is shirking your responsibility.

“There is no pride in selling out your 12-year old into marriage, it is a dishonorable event, it is indeed haram and it must stop,’ she said this during the launch of a campaign to end Child Abuse in Ghana.

She admonished parents to stop selling their children into early marriages.

Child prostitution topped the list of the most common Child Sexual Tourism (CST) in the country in 2014.

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