Early ejaculation not disease

A urologist at the 37 Military Hospital, Surgeon Commander Paul Yegbe, has stated that early ejaculation during sexual intercourse is not a disease but rather a hormonal imbalance which needs medical attention.

He said the condition which was on the rise could also be attributed to depression, anxiety and in some instances, genetics.

Additionally, he explained that young men who started masturbating at an early stage were also likely to suffer from this condition.

Surgeon Commander Yegbe said these days it was common for young men who worked in financial institutions and other stress-prone organisations to experience early ejaculation as they always had to struggle to meet their targets.

He said such high targets always put pressure on them which, when not managed properly, could affect their sexual lives.

“The problem is, a lot of people are shy to talk about this condition but people must know that it’s part of life. People should not be ashamed to discuss with a doctor. Society must know that it’s just a hormonal imbalance,” he pointed out.

Sex duration

Reacting to a recent social media debate that men who ejaculate within a maximum of two minutes are sexually weak, he said ejaculation during sexual intercourse could only be described as premature when it was less than one minute.

According to him, ejaculating, within two minutes during sexual intercourse was enough and could not be described as early.

He explained that though it was difficult to prescribe an exact duration for sexual intercourse, some researches indicated that an average of five seconds to four minutes for penetrative sex to ejaculation was enough.

“It is difficult to measure since people don’t normally stare at the clock while having sex but some research has done it. From five seconds to 30 minutes is okay and anything beyond 30 minutes is too much.

There’s really no standard time, it all depends on how much foreplay is involved,” he explained.

He also debunked the notion that the size of the manhood affected the duration, saying, “it has nothing to do with the size of the manhood and the enjoyment has nothing to do with the size.”

Dr Yegbe indicated that early ejaculation had a lot of effect on society, especially men. People with the condition often avoid sexual intercourse but what they need most is the support of their wives.

“It’s a destruction of family life, it’s an infertility problem and some even ejaculate at the entrance, some even before the activity. The wife is not a happy person and the man loses his self-esteem and it affects his job’’, he noted.

He warned that alcohol, excessive smoking and the use of recreational drugs only worsen the situation and advised that people in this condition seek medical attention and adopt prolonged foreplay.