KNUST to cultivate 100 acre land under planting for Food and Jobs

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is bidding a major stake in government’s planting for Food and Jobs programme.

The government initiative was launched in April 2017 to support grain and vegetable farmers with improved seedlings, fertilizer, extension services and linkages to market.

Speaking at the graduation service of two – thousand- one – hundred and ninety – two (2,192) post graduate students of the KNUST, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Kwasi Obiri-Danso said that the university has already cultivated a 22 acre maize and soya bean farm and is awaiting government’s funding to scale the farms up to a hundred acres.

He pointed out that the University’s farm is primarily to better place the KNUST to research on and provide resilient and improved seeds to increase the success rate of government’s flagship agricultural programmes.

He also indicated that the KNUST has developed a Standards Authority certified Moisture Measuring Machine Meter which is currently being used to address the challenges of post harvest losses.

“The KNUST Department of Crop Science and the Department of Agriculture and Bio-Systems Engineering in collaboration with the USAID has developed a moisture measuring machine meter to improve storage and shelf life of grains,” he stated.

Professor Obiri Danso also disclosed that a laboratory has already been established on campus for the local production of the meters with the first fifty copies of the meter already produced and donated to the Ghana Grains Development Board and the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa.

Some graduates whose fields of study concerned food preservation and agriculture told Ultimate News they had done enough research in topics that can help governments across Africa improve on agriculture and food security.

An MSc. Environmental Science graduate and staff of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Godwin Felix Cudjoe indicated that his research work in Food Security and Climate Change will add to literature and provide a basis for policy makers.

An MSc. Food Quality Management graduate Elizerbeth Opoku told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote- Fumador, “I am currently working in a food processing company and this knowledge will help me and my institution to bring about good products for human consumption to build up human health’.

In all, two thousand one hundred and ninety two (2192) students graduated from all the six colleges of the university’s post graduate school fifty of whom graduated with PHDs.

By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador