Bloody Clash At Kaneshie Due To Police Negligence

The  negligence  of the Kaneshie Police to take proactive action against a reported case of an impending assault has led to a bloody clash at Kaneshie City Lights area in which a woman sustained a deep bottle cut on her forehead.

The police, who were unable to anticipate the danger after a heated quarrel between two co-tenants, are now going through tough times to settle a fight which has led to bloodshed.

On Sunday, November 26, 2017, at midday, one Madam Habiba Veronica was reported to have hit her sister-in-law (Hajia Ansao Ibrahim) with a bottle, which has resulted in a deep cut on her forehead.

According to report, Hajia Ibrahim, who was married to the brother of Madam Veronica’s husband, was occupying a room in the family house which Veronica’s husband had planned to rent out after the death of Hajia’s husband.

A strong resistance from Hajia to prevent the room from being rented ended in a fight between her and Veronica and Hajia was hit with a bottle during the fight.

Information gathered by the DAILY HERITAGE indicates that prior to the incident, Hajia had reported to the police the impending danger, but was asked to come back later if Veronica carry through her threat.

“Before the whole thing started, Hajia Ibrahim went to the police station to report and told them that she doesn’t feel safe in the house anymore. What the police told her was that she should go home and come back whenever she is attacked, before they can take an action,” a source told the paper.

The source further mentioned that there has been a constant threat from Veronica to launch a severe attack on Hajia again if she refuses to vacate the room.

The Crime Officer at the Kaneshie Police Station confirmed the incident but declined the opportunity to speak to the paper.

She said “we are processing the information to send it to the Greater Accra Regional Headquarters, and you can go there for any information you [the DAILY HERITAGE reporter] want.”

Meanwhile all efforts to speak to Madam Habiba Veronica proved futile.

Source: KasapaFmonline