Ankaful Brouhaha: Nurses meeting with director ends inconclusively

Leadership of the aggrieved Ankaful Health Workers have described as distasteful a decision by the embattled director of the hospital Dr. Eugene Dordoye to force them back to work despite their declaration of a strike.

The director according to the leadership has been going round threatening some of the staff to resume duty or face his wrath.

He is said to have questioned the use of the Psychiatric Nurses Association letter head written to the hospital detailing the roadmap with respect to their strike action.

The use of the said letter head according to the leadership of the aggrieved health letters has been interpreted by Dr. Eugene Dordoye to mean the other health workers who don’t belong to the association are not on strike and therefore cannot fail to attend to their duties.

The said action of the Director, Ultimate News’ sources said has angered the leadership of the aggrieved health workers to send another petition to the Minister of Health accusing the director of the hospital of not committed to peace and unity at the facility hence a decision taken swiftly to move him out of the facility for sound health delivery to take place.

Meanwhile, the health workers and the administration have been advised to end the media war thereby resorting to the appropriate channel to have their grievances addressed.

By: Ghana/ Baah-Acheamfour