Strange death: Parents withdraw children from Kumaca

Some frightened parents have been trooping into the Kumasi Academy (Kumaca) in the Ashanti Region to withdraw their children from the school following strange deaths that have struck the school.

Six students have died in a mysterious way within the week. Three died over the weekend when the school was climaxing its 60th anniversary and three died this dawn (Tuesday).

Their blood samples have been sent to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical to detect the cause of their death.

The students are said to have complained of some fever but died after they were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Currently, twenty one students are on admission at the various hospitals.

Some of the students have attributed the strange death to ‘occultism’ whiles others have blamed it on poor sanitation in the school.

But parents who fear their wards might also die have visited the school helping their children pack their stuffs to their various homes to avoid been hit by the disease and later die.

The frustrated parents explained that they will allow their children return to the school after the strange disease is curbed.

In April this year, about three students of the school died of suspected meningitis.

The frightened parents said they will not go home without their children.

‘This death issue is becoming too scary, we cannot continue to sit aloof whiles our children’s lives are in danger,’ one of the parents who wants to remain anonymous said.

Reporting on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, Isaac Bediako said the Regional Minister Simon Osei Mensah has suggested that the school be closed down to allow students go home but fears they might spread the disease.

‘The Minister fears that the students might spread the suspected meningitis disease in their various homes and communities if they are to go home,’ he reported.

Sources say nurses and doctors will soon be deployed to embark on medical screening and those who will be declared unfit will be quarantined and the rest will be asked to go home.

The school authorities are tight-lipped about the incident.

The Regional Minister, Regional Health Directorate, Regional Security Council, Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly are expected to hold an emergency meeting with the school’s authorities today.

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