Influenza H1N1 209 Cause of Kumaca deaths -Minister

Influenza H1N1 209 also known as swine flu has been confirmed as the cause of the series of deaths at the Kumasi Academy Senior High School (KUMACA).

He indicated that the death was not caused by meningitis as speculated.

Four students have died within the week.

The Influenza H1N1 209 was detected after 19 tests were conducted by the Nogouchi Memorial Institute.

“Of the nineteen samples sent to Nogouchi memorial research center…report from further tests was received confirming H1NI 209 pandemic outbreak. Based on this…we wish to indicate…an outbreak of acute respiratory infection with severe presentation and some resulting in deaths,” he said.

The Minister stated that the 44 students who have been infected by the respiratory illness are receiving treatment calling on parents to stay calm as health workers vaccinate the remaining students.

According to him, they are working around the clock to ensure that the disease does not spread in other communities.

Three students of the school died of meningitis in April this year.

By: Ghana/