Don’t grow weary of evangelism and soul-winning – Rev. Alfred Nyamekyeh

Christians across the country have been challenged not to grow weary of embarking on God’s kingdom business and winning souls for Jesus Christ.

According to General Overseer of the House of Faith Ministries – World Missions Church, believers of today seem to have abandoned their core mandate of evangelism as prescribed in the “Great Commission”.

Rev. Alfred B. Nyamekyeh added it is unfortunate that Christians are now more interested in clinging worldly glories to the disadvantage of their spiritual responsibility and growth.

Speaking to Ultimate News, Sunday at the launch his new transformational book, The Supreme Jesus – Making Him Known to the Nations, the House of Faith leader said “this is a book on missions, evangelism and soul winning”.

“Having been in the ministry for about 46 years and only preaching about Christ, I came to the realization that many men of God, ministries and churches seem to have abandoned the core mandate of the church”.

“When Jesus was leaving, he gave a commission to the church to take the good news of salvation to the ends of the earth. But many a time churches have now become monuments and pre-occupied with building sophisticated, architecturally proven structures costing millions; while abandoning the lost world that Jesus died for”, Rev. Nyamekyeh hinted.

The Supreme Jesus – Making Him Known to the Nations is a book expected to thus to make a huge impact on generations by “putting some kind of fire in the hearts of believers to rise up to their spiritual responsibility and take the gospel to the nations”.

By: Ghana/ Ama Bonsu