Delta Force 1,800 Court Fines Motivated the Kwabenya Cells Attack

Rest In Peace Inspector
I was taught by my law lecturer that some sources of rules and regulations(Laws) that governs Democratic states emanate from court rulings.
This means that the decisions and rulings by courts of competent jurisdictions if not quashed by a superior court automatically becomes a law. That’s why most previous judgements are used as reference point by judges when delivering judgments in court.
Vigilantism became a household name when Nana Addo took over the mantle of leadership of our beloved and peaceful country Ghana.
It started from the seat of government,the flagstaff house when a senior police officer was severely beaten and driven out of his office in the flagstaff house.
I believe the rebel groups in the Npp used that as as test case to see what the reaction of the President will be towards their action but because they were not punished, they continued flexing their muscles and as at now almost the 275 constituencies in Ghana have had a feel of the Npp’s Vigilantelism and their atrocities.
Attacking from the flagstaff house, the media, civil societies and the Ghana Bar Association,Christian council were all quite until the worse happened when they beat up a judge and disrupted a court proceeding to free their colleagues.
Something that wouldn’t even happen in war thorn countries like Lybia, Afghanistan, Syria and the rest.
*General mosquito told Ghana police and the media that if drastic action is not taken one day they will be visited by the actions of these same groups or their actions will motivate others. But because he is an NDC, his advice was ignored*
These Npp groups are worse than Talibans because even the Talibans respect the law court in their various countries.
A disgraceful act that the UN even issued a statement to condemn but up till date no condemnation has come from the ruling party Npp and it’s officials but rather an intensified support for them from those who matter in the New Patriotic party.
No wonder Wontumi told Ghanaians the outcome of the case months before the ruling was given by the court.
*No wonder the Vigilante groups pride themselves  that no police officer can arrest them in this country no matter what they do.*
No wonder the police were manipulated by Wontumi and his team as promised to make the police file charges that will set them free by the same court they attacked by making the judges powerless.
No wonder the police and the attorney general said the group did nothing wrong and should be set free.
*This was what opened the flood gate for their colleagues in the robbery  department to also strike.*
Because everyone in Ghana today knows that if you attack a court or a police station and release criminals, all you need to do to be free is to get  1,800Ghana CEDI’s.
I also blame the Ghana police for allowing themselves to be manipulated by Wontumi and other politicians.
How can a whole police force be manipulated to the extend that a no arrest was made from the Kumasi court attack case all in the name of no evidence?
I Believe with what has happened to their colleague they will get evidence.
I now understand why military police under the Ghana armed forces were insisting to be allowed to carry out their investigation on the murder of Major Manama. All because they don’t trust the Ghana Police Service.
*Why has Ghana Police become a remote control to be used to change multi TV channels by politicians?*
The judges cried out bitterly and some have to even leave Kumasi for fear of their lives but still Ghana police said there is no evidence against the Delta forces.
JB Danquah a distance family member of the president was murdered and Ghana Police were bold to tell us that the autopsy report is missing.
*What kind of Country has Ghana turned to under this incompetent and insensitive Inspector General Of Police?*
Is the IGP waiting for all of us to die before he act as duty demands?
The question running through my mind is that, if a trained Soldier can be murdered by civilians and a law court with fully armed police force could be broken into, If a senior police officer can be beaten in the President’s office and if a police inspector can be shot in his office then how safe are we the civilians?
May God continue to be our helper.
Author: Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
B/A Youth Activist