‘Incompetent’ Mahama Created Thousands of Jobs But ‘Competent’ Nana Addo Couldn’t Account for Even One

With over 110 ministers, the NPP government couldn’t account for a single job after a year in office after calling Mahama incompetent
One of the hottest campaign message which made the youths to throw their support behind  the Npp in 2016 was job creation.
The Npp promised the youths who are willing and ready to work  jobs, jobs and jobs in their campaign.
But after a year in office all we can see is families and friends been given duplicated positions just to keep them on government payroll.
It wasn’t a surprise when Osafo Maafo and Nana after giving all the juicy positions to his sons and daughters told the Npp youths that there is Job for them and government even has plans to sack existing workers in the public service to reduce the wage bill.
After a year in office, the President of the Republic also told us he doesn’t know if any new job has been created because they are still laying foundation for jobs to be created.
Meaning after a whole year with 150 ministers not a single job was created by the Npp.
But these were the people who called us incompetent for not doing enough to create jobs for our youths.
Below are just a few of the jobs created which my memory can recollect, temporary and permanent created under Mahama and the NDC:
>> Kumasi shoe factory -200 jobs
>> Ayalolo bus – 500 jobs
>> Free shool uniform programme – 3,000 jobs
>> Atuabo gas plant – 265 jobs
>> The skills Development fund – 93,6 00 jobs
>> 420 bed Ridge hospital – 1,400 jobs
>> MASLOC – 190,607
>> Free text book programme – 2,100 jobs
>> Rural Enterprise Project -21,045 jobs
>>GRATIS Foundation-14,000
>>Youth Enterprise Support-7000
>> Oil and gas sector – 7,000 jobs
>> Kotokraba market – 400 jobs
>> Kejetia market – 700 jobs
>> Kumasi Rattray park – 200 jobs
>> Bukom boxing arena – 200 jobs
>> Accra digital center – 500 jobs
>> Shea nut processing plant at Buipe – 50 permanent >> staff ( and 2,000 shea nut pickers )
>> Tema port expansion – 3,400 jobs
>> Circle interchange – 1,500 jobs
>> Tamale teaching hospital – 3,000 jobs
>> Upper west regional Hospital – 400 jobs
>> Kasoa interchange – 700 jobs
>> Bolgatanga Regional Hospital – 1,200 jobs
>> Maritime Hospital, Tema – 300 jobs
>> University of Gh hospital – 500 jobs
>> Military hospital, kumasi – 700 jobs
>> Pharmaceutical, rice, sheanut, poultry and textiles – 72,000 jobs
>> Water projects accross the country -15,900 jobs
>> Community day E-SHS Blocks – 4,000 jobs
>> Eliminating schools under trees – 3,800 jobs
*Jobs Under YEA programme:*
>> Youth in Agriculture programme – 56,000
>> Community teaching assistants – 14,000 jobs
>> Security services module -5,000 jobs
>> Health extension workers – 17,000 jobs
>>Youth in Fire prevention-9000
>>E-heath Assistants-7000
>>Youth in Prison service-9000
>>Youth in coastal sanitation-5000
>>Community Police-15,000
>>Environmental Protection Officers-13,000
These are just few I can remember.
*The NDC Government under Mahama also had a policy to export excess nurses and teachers to other countries like south Africa, UK, Niger, US Kenya and other countries who will be interested just like our Cuban brothers.*
This exportation of our numerous human resources would’ve given the country foreign exchange as well give descent jobs with good pay to our unemployed graduates under the watch and strict supervision of the government of Ghana.
All these were rejected at the 2016 poll because we bought into the cheap and numerous promises of the Npp.
Thank God the good people of Ghana are now realising the true nature of the elephants.
May God continue to be our helper till 2020.
2020 is possible but it’s just a matter of time.
Author: Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
B/A Youth Activist.