I’m not against tithe paying -Maurice Ampaw

Controversial Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has dispelled claims that he is against Christians paying tithes in churches on monthly basis.

Mr Ampaw was quoted in some media reports to have said he does not support tithe paying.

But speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show on Thursday hosted by Lantam Papanko, he asserted that he is a committed tithe payer saying the report was a way of discrediting him.

Lawyer Amapw indicated that he was responding to the debate on TV license fee where some Ghanaians vowed not to pay because they don’t benefit any content from the state broadcaster.

According to him, he only juxtaposed TV license fee to tithe where Christians expect God for miracles in return whereas Ghanaians also expect good content from the Ghana Broadcasting (GBC) if they are to pay the fee.

An incensed Lawyer Ampaw stated that paying of tithe is not a form of lottery where benefits are reaped.

‘I have never spoken against tithe paying, in fact I’m a committed tithe payer. I pay my tithe as a contribution to resourcing the church. I don’t even look at the issue of benefits. What I do is, I give the tithe and leave the rest to the church to develop and push the mission of the church.

‘Its not true that I’m against tithe paying, I’m a tax payer myself… The media report was a way of discrediting me that I have paid my tithe 49 years but have not been blessed by the Lord. It was a response to the paying of TV license fee, that I said its not everything that we pay that we get direct benefits,’ he explained.

He explained that he rather supports tithe paying but it should be a voluntary act by church members.

According to him, tithe paying should be a religious responsibility where congregation will willing make payments without being forced in any form.

The legal practitioner said its wrong for pastors and churches to incriminate their members when they fail to pay tithes.

He observed that some pastors go to the extent of cursing their members for refusing to pay tithes.

‘My position is that we should make it voluntary and not mandatory, and we should ensure that people understand why they are paying tithes, some pastors imbibe fear in their members that they will go to hell if they don’t pay their tithes, then it will turn out to be gambling if you put fear in people to pay tithe,’ he stated.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM