Kumasi: New Mission Academy holds prefects elections to nurture students

New Mission Academy has held its third prefectural elections at their state-of-the-art institution located at Agric Nzema, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

The election is aimed at nurturing students for transparent elections in their future endeavours.

Twenty one Junior High School (JHS) ,2, students are aspiring for various positions from senior prefects to sports prefects.

About 368 students from class three to JHS ,3, are expected to cast their vote in free, fair and transparent elections.

Speaking to Ultimate News’, the Social Studies Teacher Bernard Agyekum who doubles as the Electoral Commissioner (EC) of New Mission Academy explained that, the mission of the school is to groom their students for the future, hence the need to take them through proper nurturing.

He stated “In new mission is not only about academic work, we are also concerned about the social aspects of their lives, we know and we believe that most of them are going to be future leaders so we are grooming them, it is a training process for them’.

He added ‘this is an election and I being a social studies teacher I believe that, though it is for a school, we still have to make sure that everybody sees it as a fair, transparent and a free process, they will grow up and vote one day so we have to let them know how it feels during elections’.

Some of the student aspirants also expressed their enthusiasm and stated how the whole process of the elections is preparing them for the future.

Troy Opoku Joseph expressed ‘I feel really happy that I have been able to perform here today and I feel confident that I will win the election, I am aspiring to be the President of the country and this whole process is teaching me a lot about leadership,’ he said.

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By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Fremah Boakye