FDA to sanction billboard owners for advertising alcoholic beverages close to schools

The Food and Drugs Authority will soon sanction owners of billboards advertising alcoholic beverages close to schools.

James Lartey, Public Relations Officer of FDA told Ultimate News, alcoholic billboards must be sited 200 meters away from schools.

Alcohol is one of the most abused substance affecting the health of many people particularly the youth in Ghana.

The restrictions on the timing of advertisement of alcoholic products in the electronic media by the FDA is a public health intervention aimed at protecting the health of the current and future generation since the incessant alcoholic adverts in the media have cognitive effect on children.

However, this restriction is creating financial distress to many media houses that heavily depend on revenue from alcohol advertisement.

One of such media Houses is Eastern Fm, a Koforidua Based local radio station.

Speaking to Daily Heritage, the Programme Director, Nana Yaw Asiedu said, the station is strictly complying with the directives.

He complained that the media house has lost almost all its alcohol adverts as the companies have pulled out citing the after 8pm airing time as unfavourable.

He said, this has led to scrapping off of some programmes that were sponsored by the alcoholic companies.

He feared that if the restriction is not reviewed, redundancy may occur.

By: Ghana/Ulimatefmonline.com/106.9FM