My Thoughts As I Remember Ebony – Jacqueline King

‘Deathbe not proud’ by John Donne is what I would want to say as I write this piece. 




Death takes away the most people held at heart

They may seem not important to mankind

They may not be attached with any importance whatsoever

But still hearts get broken, Minds stumble in thoughts

Heartfelt messages cannot be voiced

Death appears to numb the brain

Blood misses its way from the heart to the brain somehow

It is just too quick and sad how some few minutes can change a present story

When you have life it is only natural that we judge you

But once you lose it we trust the process and wish you a safe journey

Happiness for the lost soul is hoped at some point

Sorrows pour out in a row

Bitterness, despise or repugnance

Laughter and unforeseen contingencies

Death inclusive

We call them natural moments. We cannot withstand the storm but yet we will surely sail through this life.

Ghana has lost quite a number of celebrities through fatal accidents

Today marks another brutal and tragic incident that has taken a wild hit on the people in Ghana

A tragic incident which has left the whole of Ghana in dismay.

Many lives, celebrities and commoners alike have been lost

But fact is that there’s no life greater than the other

Families of the other three who died along Ebony deserve the nation’s sympathies

Bubbly Ebony was full of life, always electrifying stages upon stages on daily basis

To the admiration of all her fans and others who tend to criticise her for her choice of dressing

We have lost Suzzie Williams an actress at the age of 23 in the year 2005,

Kwame Owusu Ansah an actor also passed on in the year 2008,

Terry Bonchaka a musician at the age of 21 in the year 2003 left us

Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng popularly known as Ebony Reigns on the 8th of February 2018 at the age of 20 leaves the land of the living.

Over the next few days, Ebony will be the talk of the moment

Her songs and pictures will be splashed all over

But just like all the others, that will die out after a moment.

Their families not being left out are also neglected.

To everyone who has lost a loved one, take heart!.

But the pressures of the demanding life of celebrities is also called to the spotlight here

Artistes are having to please the public because of a contract to perform at an occasion

To maneuver their way to the venue on time, they are tempted to drive at top speed

The desire not to disappoint and run late results in sudden accidents leading to deaths

Imagine the faces of the fans or the reactions of fans having to know that their expected artiste will not turn up after buying their tickets.

The details of these tragic deaths are hardly spoken of

Over-speeding, bad roads, barriers erected at dangerous points,

Speed limits road signs and road safety education should be given much attention

Reaction to accidents should be immediate to prevent further damage and tragedies

The past is gone but the present and future still exist

The choice to reduce sudden unwanted deaths that will sadden Ghanaians lies in our power.

May the souls of these celebrities rest in perfect and absolute peace until we all meet again.

By: Ghana/ King/KNUST intern