Coup d’etat borne out of corruption -Amidu

The Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu has indicated that coup d’etat is borne out of bribery and corruption.

Mr Amidu stated that people stage coup when corruption takes over the country where few people in society ‘enjoy’ from the state coffers.

He said people will not get excuses to stage coup if corruption is brought to the barest minimum in the country.

He suggested that leakages and corruption need to be stopped to enable the citizenry enjoy the full benefits of the country’s resources.

‘…My acceptance of the Special Prosecutor position is not because of the status, but the high ideals which I attach to making sure that the ordinary people of this country can have the benefit of the resources of this country. By stopping the leakages and slippages that has gone on since the coming into force of the 1992 constitution….You recall the excuses and reasons given for coup d’etat was primarily bribery and corruption… Its important that this country is stabilized, its important that nobody makes any excuses to make a coup, the only way is to protect the national purse,” he told the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday.

By: Ghana/