Ghana is not a milking cow -Amidu

Martin Amidu, the Special Prosecutor nominee has stated that Ghana is not a ‘milking cow’ where people can easily dip their hands in state coffers.

He asserted that people should not be allowed to steal from the state coffers.

He said he will continue to fight corruption whether he’s approved by the Appointments Committee of Parliament or not.

Appearing at the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday, Mr Amidu said, ‘Ghana is not a milking cow…whether I am approved or not, I will continue to fight for the people of this country,’ he said.

The Special Prosecutor nominee stated that he can’t live in harmony with criminals.

‘I have lived in harmony with decent people for 66 years. I can’t live in harmony with criminals,’ he said.

He said his office can eradicate corruption if he is above suspicion.

‘I have demonstrated it before and I will make sure that I am above suspicion, that is the only way we can eradicate corruption. Thieves fear experienced, tested and credible investigators, they know they can’t influence, that’s the way to deal with crime,’ he said.

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