It’s needless to imprison people if you can’t retrieve stolen monies -Amidu

The Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu has stated that it is needless to jail corrupt people in society without getting stolen monies back.

He said its better for the nation to retrieve the monies than to imprison a person found guilty of stealing from the State coffers.

Mr Amidu questioned the point in clothing and feeding people for 10 years or more with the State resources without the State getting anything in return.

Speaking during his vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Tuesday, he said, “What is the use in imprisoning [people] if you can’t get the monies back? If he agrees to get the monies back only for a conviction and probation, I think that is better for the nation than imprisoning him 10 years, feed him 10 years, give him prison clothing and if he is grown, he will have chronic conditions and be sending him to hospital…If you will bring part of the money back or all of it and it is reasonable’.

He suggested that the State should accept reparation by people found to be guilty saying the office of the Special Prosecutor will act reasonably in its quest to investigate cases.

‘That is the thing I like about this section, so that those who think that the office is just to be there locking people left, right and centre will realise that the office will act reasonably and it is only cases that are in the national interest after investigation will be prosecuted but when people realise their faults and agree to pay reparation why not? Even God forgives how much more us?,’ he asserted.

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