Ultimate FM Valentine’s Day Promo Makes Success

Ultimate 106.9FM Valentine’s Day Promotion dubbed “Express it in 14 Words in 14 Seconds” has successfully come to an end with three amazing winners.

The on-air promotion which started on February 1, 2018 allowed listeners to use five key words to construct sentences with ’14 words in 14 seconds’ and interestingly, lots of listeners participated and gave amazing sentences which was mind blowing and soothing to the ears.

Many people phoned into Ultimate FM’s studio but few people were chosen because it was a competition to explore how fast and creative lovers could can be and management of the station was not disappointed.










The winner Benjamin Kofi Tettegah won a fridge with the romantic sentence he constructed.










The first runner up Augustine Ansere Bofah won a microwave.

The second runner up, the only lady amongst the men Felicia Asafo Adjei won a blender.










Benjamin after receiving his award said ‘very well it was a very good and nice programme and how it was ran was very encouraging, my one concern was we trying to be given the five words to construct and the other way it will be grouped into groups to be voting for different kind of words that was a little bit of concern. I was having but probably I think at the end what came I really appreciate it, it is real, it is a very real programme, as I am standing here, I am no one but this has made me somebody and I have won, thank you very much, thank you Ultimate FM and I will continue to praise your name and spread the good news to all my friends for them to listen to Ultimate 106.9FM thank you very much’.

Augustine said he feels excited it was not easy as there were many callers and luckily for him they were part of the three finalists ‘it’s a good feeling, I entreat all listeners to partake in every promotion because it is real’.

Felicia upon receiving the price expressed her feelings ‘it is very real, if anything is going on in any radio station, they should participate, I actually called to just try and I didn’t know I will come this far and I think next time I should come in boldly and do my best, I’m very grateful, I wasn’t expecting this and I urge everyone to tune in to Ultimate 106.9FM’.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Jacqueline King