Leaked Video of Remains of Ebony and Franky Kuri Despicable – Family Physician

A Family Physician with Living Waters Specialist Hospital Dr Gabriel Sakyi Koffie has described as ‘despicable’ the leaked video and pictures of the remains of dancehall diva Ebony Reigns and her friend Franky Kuri on social media.

He said its wrong for people especially those in authorities to be allowed in autopsy rooms to take pictures and videos of dead bodies.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show, the Living Waters Specialist Hospital Director questioned why some mortuary attendants take pictures and videos of the bodies saying the practice is not done in the Western World.

‘….We all saw what happened to Ebony of which all her pictures and videos are all over the internet. It’s quite despicable and I hope that some of these things can be corrected… Nobody is allowed in the morgue except the mortuary man. People are not supposed to take pictures, cameras are not supposed to be allowed there, but unfortunately in our part of the world, that’s our country, you see mortuary men allowing people to take pictures of dead bodies and the like. These are things that we need to work on, in modern mortuaries we don’t need some of these things happening,’ he advised.

His comments come on the back of a leaked video in which a policeman is seen taking pictures of the remains of Ebony and Franky Kuri where the mortuary attendant is seen touching some parts of their bodies.

The mortuary attendant who work as a part-timer at the Bechem hospital was blasted by some Ghanaians for manhandling the bodies, but it turns out that he was only showing the police officers parts of the bodies which suffered injuries during the fatal accident.

But Dr Koffie said it’s wrong to take pictures and videos of the dead as a form of evidence saying there are standards to go by when an autopsy is conducted in an attempt to unravel the cause of death.

He bemoaned the state in which the various mortuaries in the country are managed adding that the Western world have modern morgues located around residential areas but do not in any way pose risk to residents due to how they are managed and built.

Dr Koffie stated that morgues are supposed to be clean and built in a manner that will not attract people’s attention but most of the country’s morgues have pungent smell which has health implications on residents.

He pointed out that management of mortuaries by some health facilities in the country is not the best.

‘…Our current situation is not something good to write home about,… in actual sense, bodies are not supposed to get on the floor; it predisposes the mortuary attendant to infections. It also predisposes other people within the community to all diseases,’ he said.

He said bodies left on floors of morgues exposing mortuary attendants to risk of diseases that killed the deceased bemoaning the low standards practiced in Ghana.

‘The standards are quite low, if you look at certain morgues, they probably need not to be there, I have seen morgues as if the dead are not human beings. The environment is very bad, water is dripping the autopsy table, insects are flying all over, the place is dirty and smelly, and they are still operating, it actually got to do with the standards. People don’t even know that they are not supposed to take pictures of the dead,’ he asserted.

He said most of the mortuary attendants are people who have basic education and receive their training on the job hoping they can be trained to a particular standards the country hope for.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM