4BN Soldiers bond with public at Open Day Ceremony

The 4th Infantry Battalion of the Ghana Armed Forces in the Ashanti Regional capital Kumasi on Wednesday opened its armouries and museums to the public.

The Open Day ceremony is held annually on the 7th of March to foster better civilian – military relationship and to dispel the held notion of hostility and brutish tactics associated with soldiers.

The Ceremony begun with a silent drill staged by the anti armed robbery task force, the Operation Calm Life commanded on parade by 2nd Lieutenant Mary Kwakumey.

This year’s session was massively attended by school children and school cadets with a few older citizens coming in for excursion.

They were afforded the rare opportunity to view the armoury of the soldiers, the various communication gadgets and the different types of vehicles used by the military in their activities.

It was a real demonstration of the important role the 4BN plays within the security establishment of the Ashanti Region.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Osei Asibey Antwi who was guest of honour was ushered into a 1957 model ITT HUNTER armoured vehicle and later allowed to try shooting at a target with a weapon used in the Second World War.

Sharing his experience with Ultimate News, Mr Asibe Antwi relayed some experiences and lessons he hopes to inculcate in his administration to better the lot of the Kumasi Metropolis.

He observed, “That vehicle you saw me in, was manufactured in 1957 and has been with the military up till now and it is still motorable. It tells you that we have the men who really take good care of property unlike several public facilities. The second thing I have also learnt today is precision looking at the way they do their things especially the people who were going through drills with no instructor.”

He added, “As a nation bedevilled with so much indiscipline, the way to go, is to incorporate and collaborate with the military to infuse into the society, the good things that they have learnt so that together we can change the system,”

He disclosed that he had begun talks to write to the military to help the Kumasi Metropolis achieve the same clean and green environment maintained at the 4BN barracks.

Unit second in command of the 4BN Major Emmanuel Sosu told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador that the open day ceremony is aimed at building a positive relationship between the civilian public and soldiers and to dispel the notion of brutishness associated with the armed forces.

He explained, “It is for them to come and see what we do and also to give them a little military orientation and also to promote a civil – military relationship. It is always said that the public civilians are scared of soldiers but if they come here, you will see that we are very friendly people and what we do to support civil society we explain all these things to them.”

Major Sosu outlined that the command has always supported with several civil engagements with public and private institutions and helped out with other outreaches including sanitation activities and regular blood   donation to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital blood bank.

The school children had fun rides with soldiers in armoured vehicles. Some children who spoke to GHONE NEWS were elated about their experiences mingling with the military and having a feel of their operations.

A student of the roman hill demonstration JHS told Ultimate News, “I now know that we don’t have to be afraid of soldiers and I like them.”

Another inspired student of the Wesco Demonstration, Justice Owusu Brobey told Ultimate News he was already entertaining hopes of joining the military.

“I have seen that the soldiers are not dirty and their environment is very clean and they are very decent. I wish I will be a soldier when I grow up.”He noted.

By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Ivan Heathcote-Fumador