Fake soldier breaks into security of Bawumia

23-year-old Sissey Ibrahim claims to be a student at the University of Ghana – Investigations are being carried out into how he managed to beak the security detail.

The security of the Vice president was breached over the weekend when a fake soldier managed to join the team of soldiers protecting him.

It all happened when the “army officer” by the name, Sissey Ibrahim, was spotted by police officers – ASP Benjamin Adu who was stationed at the Kotoka International Airport.

Fake soldier breaks into security of Vice President Bawumia

Both officers revealed to the press that they suspected Ibrahim could not have been a soldier looking at how he was behaving and acting. It was then that both officers discovered he was fake.

The 23-year-old man, who claims to be a student of the University of Ghana, is currently assisting police with investigations as questions over how he managed to break into the security of the vice president surfaces.

This is the very first time the vice president’s security detail has been breached – a development which raises the question of how safe and secured Ghana’s top religious hierarchy is.

A source, however, says the soldier was not a member of the vice-president’s security detail but rather that of the Chief Imam. According to the source, the “young man in military uniform was arrested at a religious event in Kumasi. Suspect identified as part of Chief Imam’s guards”.

Source: yen.com.gh