Nana Addo, The President Beyond Mercy

Nana Addo on 7th January 2017 took his Presidential oath and promised to protect lives and properties as the Commander In Chief of Ghana Armed Forces.
Today in Ghana security has come to it’s knees on ground zero. In one of my articles on the deteriorating and complete breakdown of our national security, I stated that it has come to a time everyone has to be for himself and God for us all on security matters under President Nana Addo.
This is because the security personnel who are supposed to protect us are been shot in their own offices.
Thank God Nana Addo has taken my advice and has started seeking his own personal protection first as the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed forces at the expense of the ordinary poor Ghanaian on the street of Nima.
Prior to the 2016 election, Nana Addo touted himself as an ordinary Ghanaian who lives in the midst of hawkers.
He called the people of Nima peaceful people who he has enjoyed living with all these years.
According to one of those who have been ejected after he won the elections he even partied with them and again retreated his promise to them that he will not and never evict them.
So what has changed? What has called for this sudden decision to deny the livelihood of those who even started trading there before Nana Addo was born?
Why is the President now afraid of those he call his own friends and family after winning power?
Has the security of the country become porous to the extend that close friends and families have to face eviction and lose their livelihood because of the comfort of one person?
President Mahama never evicted anyone close to his residence when he was the vice President as well as President. His family continued to live in his old residence and he as well lives there anytime he visit there as President.
Even we are told President Mills and his wife Mrs. Naadu sometimes allow their neighbours to fetch water from their house.
Were these gentlemen not Presidents as well?
When have the people of Nima who live close to the President all these years suddenly become a security threat to Nana Addo?
Giving someone 3,000 cedi’s as compensation cannot even transport their belonging not to talk of buying or hiring a land and a container to start a new life.
A woman wept bitterly because she and her family are going to starve for Nana Addo and his family to enjoy their Presidency and comfort, forgetting that it was these same people who put him where he is today.
Power they say corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely.
Nana Addo’s level has changed so his friends are now criminals and terrorists.
His level has changed so his pals are now armed rubbers.
His level has changed so his close pals are now his enemies and are now facing eviction.
His level has changed so he is above showing mercy to the woman who has no hope of where to go and what to do to feed her family and pay her children’s school fees.
Levels have indeed changed!
All these have shown that the security of the state has completely collapsed.
Now even if the Commander In Chief himself  is running for cover then what you and I need is divine intervention.
God will continue to be our helper.
Am still a citizen but not a spectator!
Author: Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO.*
B/A Youth Activist.