We Will Petition GLC On Your Behalf If … BAR President to Law Students

President of the Ghana Bar Association, Benson Nutsukpui, has thrown a challenge to the leadership of the student body of the Ghana School of Law to provide the leadership of the BAR with hard core evidence on their claims that they were wrongly failed in the recent examinations conducted by the Law School, Independent Examination Board (IEB) and they will petition the General Legal Council on their behalf.

The leadership of the BAR made this call when leadership of the student body of the Ghana School Law called on them at their offices to help plead their cause with the IEB through the General Legal Council.

The SRC President of the Ghana School of Law, Sammy Gyamfi, at the meeting indicated that the student body has identified several loopholes in the results that were recently published in which 84% failing one or more of their ten (10) papers with only 16% passing all 10 subjects that were written by the students.

However, the BAR President Benson Nutsukpui and his Vice President, Anthony Forson, stated that the generalized call by the student leadership that the credibility and integrity of the results published were questionable will not wash.

‘What will work is for the affected students themselves to provide credible evidence to the BAR leadership and they will forward same to the highest level to seek justice for those affected students,’ he stated.


Ghana School of Law & Matters Arising: Petition by Students.

The mass failure recorded by the GSL this year is a testament to the call that the entrance exams be abolished as it has failed to establish that it’s a pristine source of sieving the quality applicants from the ‘chaff’.

Secondly, this results demonstrate that the present curriculum as presently modified has contributed to the deteriorating nature of the supposedly ‘quality’ students that are admitted and must be scrapped and the old formulae restored.

Thirdly, the Bar results as released points to the fact that, the quality of teaching has deteriorated if, we have to abide by the logic of the GLC that the entrance exams helps to admit quality applicants.
Lastly, the results lend credence to the proposition that of some debaters that, GLC has crafted these examinations as a cash-crow or conduit of milking both prospective students as well as candidates for the Bar exams.
It would cost teh 206 students who would have to repeat the programme in excess of GHC5.5 without any guarantee that they will sail through when next they write the Bar exams.
The present school fees per year is GHC13,500.00
By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Wilberforce Asare