BOST, COPEC Saga: Alfred Obeng Sues Duncan Amoah

The Chief Executive Officer for the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST), Alfred Obeng Boateng, has sued the Executive Director for the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, Ghana (COPEC – Ghana), Duncan Amoah, over allegations of death threats made against the latter.

The suit comes after BOST earlier dismissed as frivolous claims that it had caused financial loss to the state in the sale of some barrels of crude oil.

Responding to the accusation by COPEC on Monday, BOST said it rather saved the nation some money in the transaction.

COPEC boss, Duncan Amoah had revealed that Ghana lost an estimated GHS30million in revenue when 1.8million barrels of crude oil was sold to an “unlicensed company” BB Energy.

Amoah also added that his life was in danger and was receiving death threats after revealing the deal to the public.

But the BOST CEO in the suit said: “ The plaintiff/applicant herein praying this honourable court for an order of injunction restraining the defendant/ respondent herein, his agents, assigns, workmen, and all persons claiming through or under him from further publishing or broadcasting any word or words or images in any manner whatsoever to the effect that plaintiff had coopted, engaged, contracted or solicited the services of any person or persons to curse, insult, attack, threaten the life of the defendant or threaten to kill defendant in three days pending a final determination to this suit upon terms more particularly stated in the accompanying affidavit.”

The transaction which was reportedly undertaken in September last year comes months after a major scandal involving the sale of some five million litres of contaminated fuel to some unlicensed companies.


Source: Starrfmonline