Ghanaians Are Peace Loving Hypocrites – Gifty Anti

Women’s advocate and broadcaster, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, has said Ghanaians are “peace loving hypocrites” as she called on women to defy all odds and make their voices heard.

She was speaking on Sunday, March 18, at the launch of a book titled ‘Silence is not Golden—Musings of an untold story’ by Ghanaian actress and Filmmaker Kafui Danku.

Mounting the podium moments after Whitney Boakye-Mensah, Creative Director at Whitney Innovations spoke passionately about the trauma she went through in her quest to be a mother, Gifty Anti who is also the CEO of GDA Concept said: “I am sure you and I, will agree that as Ghanaians we are peace loving hypocrites.”

Describing the launch of the book as apt, the ace broadcaster and an unapologetic feminist averred silence is indeed not golden and that women need to rise and let their voice be heard.

“Silence can be deadly. So deadly,” she said, adding, “Most of us here have powerful voices but society is silencing our voices, telling us that we are women…we don’t have to talk too much. We don’t have to let people know our stories.”

As the first speaker on the night, Mrs. Boakye-Mensah who is now a mother of three boys said the time has come for women to voice up with a declaration of her own: “I’m a survivor.”

A survivor because in her quest to be a parent with her husband she had seven miscarriages and two still births.

“I’m a survivor and I like to call every woman a survivor. I have gone through seven miscarriages and two still births and I have three amazing boys,” she said.

“Three amazing boys that did not just happen overnight,” she added as she went through a period where she has had to ask God to tell her where she had gone wrong.


Source: Starrfmonline