Moro Kabore, Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary Hopeful Writes: Article

Service to party is a service to nation whatever way you look at it.

In this regard, service to party entails unconditional loyalty, absolute commitment, and track record of hard work to the cause of the party must always be a yardstick of rewarding those who wish to serve in any capacity.

The just ended polling station and Constituency elections demonstrated one peculiar feature; those with track record of hard work, commitment and loyalty to the cause of the party were duly rewarded.

I, MK or ‘that Zongo Boy’, as many people call me, has in the last 10 years served the NPP at the Regional level in many capacities, some official and others unofficial.

As the Secretary to the Regional Communication team, I have mentored many young communicators who are now blazing the trail of the party in the region and beyond in terms of communication.

I have been one of the few faces who led the charge in seeking for change in the Zongo Communities in the last 2 general elections, 2012 and 2016. Our efforts were duly rewarded per our performance in the Zongo Communities in the last election.

This feat must be repeated in the 2020 elections.

As the then Regional Nasara Communication Director, I led and participated in crafting messages for our Northern and Zongo Communities.

As I aspire to be elected Regional Deputy Secretary, my utmost desire is to help build an effective party administration that connects with the grassroot.

Connecting with the grassroot will also require building an effective and efficient database in all the 47 constituencies in the region.

To make this vision possible, every constituency MUST be equipped with Computers and accessories to facilitate this process of building a long lasting data for effective administration.

Second, as part of building an efficient regional administration that connects with the grassroot, a special attention will be focused on resourcing the Regional and Constituency teams.

This is important in the sense that, per our constitutional arrangement, the Communication Department is under the direct supervision of the Regional Secretariat, and with my background as a communicator who knows the challenges of that department, when elected as the Regional Deputy Secretary, I intend to pay a special attention to the said department.

My engagement with some deputy secretaries has shown that, Deputy Constituency Secretaries usually don’t feel part of the main party administration in their respective constituencies, they feel they have no role to play at all. With my election, and with the Support of our respective bosses, that perception will change because there will be a lot of work to do. They will be recognised as such.

Election 2020 must be won convincingly but with persons with track record of hard work, loyalty and commitment.

Author: I am Moro Kabore (MK) and I aspire to be the next DEPUTY ASHANTI REGIONAL SECRETARY.