Gas filling stations to embark on nationwide strike over cylinder re-circulation regime

Operators of Gas filling stations are threatening to embark on a nationwide strike action in the coming weeks beginning from the Ashanti Region.

The operators are protesting government’s cylinder re-circulation regime.

By this policy being considered by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA); these operators will not be allowed to stock LPG for dispensing to customers.

Gas fuel stations will rather be distribution points for already filled gas bottles delivered from central gas plants manned outside cities.

Government is making the considerations to ensure safety on the back of the recurring incidents of gas filling station explosions which have resulted in numerous fatalities.

The LPG operators association however contend government is pushing them out of business.

Speaking to Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, the National organiser of the Association Collins Nanaba Osei Tutu noted that the association has been compelled to take the decision following failed attempts to get government to withdraw the new distribution model.

He explained, “We have tried so many ways and means to explain to government how this will create unemployment for the masses and yet still, we have not had the privilege to get our concerns through”.

“This is why we have decided to use these strikes and press conferences and other actions to let the government know what we really mean. It is going to be an indefinite strike and in a week or two we are going to lay down all our tools for a sit down strike. We are not going to sell products to anybody,” he stated firmly.

Collins Nanaba Osei refuted claims that the operations of Gas Fuel Stations pose a major safety threat to the country citing examples of households and institutions like hospitals and Senior High Schools (SHSs) that have Gas Bulks sitting on their premises.

He rather called for government to resource and strengthen the regulatory bodies to do proper monitoring and ensure that the over six hundred and fifty gas filling companies in the country are upholding standards.



By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador