Dear Future Wife… 3

Bonjour! Vous allez bien?? As always, it’s great to write again, except, this time, I write from a position of mixed feelings. In one breath, I’m excited at the many events that have occurred prior to this letter; and in another, I’m sad at the sudden death of my very good friend – Mr. A. You see, so much has happened since my last letter and that means I have a lot to discuss with you, but what happened on Saturday afternoon (yet to get details) leaves me thinking about life and its gifts. The sudden home call of Mr. A. only means ‘nipa wo baabi ko’ (man has somewhere to go). But I’m happy for Mr. A. because he knew Jesus. I personally spoke with him last month while we were preparing for our spiritual emphasis program and he told me how committed he has been to the Lord Jesus Christ for so many years now. In fact, I was impressed because I didn’t exactly think he even attended church, let alone have Jesus as his personal savior. His confessions made me love the Lord even more. Too bad we have to lose him like that. Which means this can happen to me too. So the only lesson to draw from this is, we need to be prepared at all times. What is death to a believer? Bible says it is our profit. Oh well, enough of Mr. A. May the Lord keep his soul.

Back to our love talks. I miss you, even though I don’t know you. I dream about you and I imagine that you’d be a beautiful rose with sweet smelling scent. In my mind’s eye, you’re like the lily of the valley, the pearl of great price, bearing a semblance of a gorgeous queen adorned in white robes with gold ornaments…… I mean, you’re the woman described in Proverbs 31. Every time I think about you, I think about all the things we can do and be together. That brings me smiles. I cannot describe how much joy I have when I think about you. In fact, I daydream about our love, the beautiful moments ahead of us and at each episode, I behold your contours gleefully. What have you done to me, woman? Why am I so madly in love with you? I can’t help but think about you all the time and yet, you have not shown yourself. Why are you putting me through such torment? Do you delight in my quest and yearning? When at all will you show yourself? Hmm…… Please don’t keep me starving. I miss you and I can’t wait to have you around.

Today’s letter may be a little long but pardon me. I have a few things to discuss with you and as always, feel free to share your views. I need to talk about these issues because I believe the foundation of our marriage will hinge on some of these discussions. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you must. It’s a dialogue. Again, I say, it is a DIALOGUE. I am speedily running out of patience for your clones who think they can just come and say as they wish. They don’t even have the slightest clue how much love I have for you. Please, just you answer me and shame all of them, wai?

Ok, now let’s talk about Moesha or whatever her name is. Yes, I’ve seen a lot of people bash her for her comments in that interview. But I’ve also seen some people hail her. Honestly, I do not feel any particular way about her comments except to say she is an example of what I will never ever want you to be. Why?? Because you are more than a sex machine, your value is greater than rubies. In fact, you are even more intelligent than many other young men and the part that kills me, you are amazingly submissive too. So I will never desire you to associate with someone like that. She’s such a shame and if that is how she chooses to make it in life, let her be. She will meet her ‘meeter’ very soon. I know the mention of submission will trigger all kinds of crazy thoughts in your clones. I cannot be bothered. If your clones, especially those who think themselves to be the ‘all-in-all’ about ‘woman-rights’ care, they can meet me in court. I am prepared to debate them squarely. After all, some of those girls are nothing but pretenders who suffer a great deal in their closets and put up fronts in public. Let them bring it on and I will deal very well with them. All I care about is this; Moe—whatever her name is, is certainly not the kinda woman I want you to associate with. Whoever doesn’t understand is at liberty to go burn the ocean.

Honey, life can be beautiful for us oo. Do you know that? Especially when it comes to football. I know you may not care so much about that. But all I really need is for you to support my teams and we will have a great time at home. I am an unapologetic Manchester United supporter. In the La Liga, I am a devout Real Madrid supporter and here at home, unlike Papa Kow Acquaye, I am a staunch Accra Hearts of Oak supporter. You don’t need to worry about their performance. They are all great teams. You just need to back me up. How about that? Ask Franklin Yayra Adorsu-Djentuh, it is such joy to be on the same side with your wife you know. Anyway, my point is, in football and for that matter sports, I would want you to be on my team. If you feel strongly about another team, I hope you will convince me to join your team. I’m asking you to be on my team. If your clones don’t get it, let them go get some chilled apio (local dry gin) for their afternoon relaxation.

In my next letter, I want us to discuss politics. You see, the trend of leadership in this country is very worrying and since you’re looking to tag along team #YaoKay into the future, I think we should talk and iron out our potential differences before the time comes. Like I said, so much has happened and since this is coming in really late, I will wait for a week and release the next edition – which will be for April. Then I will come back to my original schedule of monthly editions. I hope we also get to talk about travel……….. in fact, I’m looking to go to The Bahamas sometime end of May. If you are willing and ready, let me know. Don’t worry, all expenses paid. I will make you comfortable and after that, we can publicly announce our relationship.

Note: The photo up there was taken somewhere Tourou in the People’s Republic of Benin. It is a small cashew plantation and I took this photo standing on the top of the factory administration building. Did you know that Benin is the 6th largest producer of cashew in the world? Besides cashew, Benin has such rich culture and amazing people. I wish we will spend some time in the northern parts of Benin, exploring the rich food, culture and heritage of my second home.

Ok, bye!! hehehehehe

Author: Anani Yao Kuwornu

By: Ghana/