I nearly aborted Ama Duncan -Mother

Ms Gladys Aba Hagan affectionately called ‘danger’, the mother of Corporate Trainer Ama Duncan has revealed that she almost aborted her daughter.

She disclosed that Ama Duncan has been a blessing to her describing her as ‘inspiring and amazing’ daughter.

Making the revelation on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko explained that the man responsible for the pregnancy was not ready to accept responsibility.

‘Ama is a blessing to me, when I got pregnant, I nearly aborted it because her dad was playing buffoonery, but I had a dream and I kept the pregnancy, all that I can say is to God be the glory, because she has been a blessing, everything, I’m so proud of her, she should continue, shes’ got a very good man, I mean the husband, God bless you all, thank you Ama,’ Ama Duncan’s mother disclosed.

Ama who didn’t know of this secret said, ‘Eh Maa I didn’t know you nearly got rid of me’.

Eulogising her mother ahead of the Mothers’ day celebration slated for May 13, 2018, she said ‘Thank you, thank you, I know everybody’s mum is the best but as for you, you are just wonderful, and I promise you that one day, one day i will be a lawyer just for you, so that when people ask of me, you will tell them that I have traveled to Havard or something just for you, because you are so amazing, I have watched you raised three young Ghanaian who are all doing well’.

She added, ‘I have seen men, your own colleagues, your bosses let you down, but you never break down, your resilient is just amazing, I started ‘The Fabulous Woman Network’ because of you, I wanted to celebrate you and other women. I pray that God bless you’.

Ama Duncan said her mother struggled in taking care of her and her siblings praying that her mother finds a man who will take good care of her.

‘I really hope that you get a proper man, and God! may he be rich in Jesus name, may he be kind and loving, you deserve it, may God grant you more grand children,’ the founder of Founder of The Fabulous Woman Network and CEO of Corporate Training Solutions said.

Ms Dugan gave birth to one girl and two boys of whom she single-handedely catered for.

Lots of mothers have had to contemplate aborting their babies or keeping them in order to avoid being disgraced or stigmatised by society for giving birth out of wedlock.


Ama Duncan has over 12 years’ experience in the Human Resources Development field and is Founder of Corporate Training Solutions (CTS) where she helps organizations meet their performance targets through corporate training and development activities.

She is also Founder of The Fabulous Woman Network (The FWN) where she conducts activities to empower women.

Through The FWN, Ama has shared life-changing stories of over 200 fabulous women reaching over 10,000,000 people on social media, organised events for over 1000 women, connected many women to help; and through CTS, she has trained over 1000 people. She mentors women and youth, speaks on radio, television shows and in conferences including Science Forum South Africa and TEDx Adum.

Ama is the author of Yarns of inspiration I, an Access Bank W Ambassador and a 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow.

With a Masters in Business Administration from Paris Graduate School of Management, France, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Ghana, Ama Duncan is committed to celebrating, developing and inspiring women as well as providing solutions to corporate training needs.

She is married with 2 children and lives in Ghana with her family.





By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM