Billions Interoperability Saving Claim Rubbish – Sibton CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Sibton Switch Denzil Lawson has dismissed claims by the Vice President Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia that Ghana saved several millions of Ghana cedis on mobile interoperability system.


He said the Sibton contract had no cost at all to Ghana.

Dr Bawumia has said the the Bank of Ghana (BOG), under the NDC government was to commit an amount of GH¢4.6 billion of public funds into the proposed switch to interconnect mobile money transaction.

Dr. Bawumia added that the deal was executed for less than $4 million as against the NDC government’s GH¢4.6 billion.

But speaking with Francis Abban on Morning Starr, Mr. Lawson explained, “Under the Sibton deal there was no expenditure by the government of Ghana or anybody. It was a build and operate module. We were making all the investments and putting all the infrastructure in place for a charge revenue over a period which was much cheaper than what is being charged by the Bank of Ghana.

“It is all rubbish…people saying that they saved the country billions of dollars by doing it with the Bank of Ghana is rubbish. The simple fact is the sibton contract had no cost at all to Ghana, the Bank of Ghana solution has cost the country 4 or 5 million dollars.

“Our fees and charges are much less than what is being charged by the Bank of Ghana. So we were going to provide the infrastructure for zero and provide interoperability which was agreed between the Bank of Ghana and the telcos at 1.5 percent which is less than the 2 and a half percent of what that interoperability cost today’.

Sibton has sued the government of Ghana at a UK court over unfair treatment meted out out to them, demanding to carry out their contract or a judgment debt paid in default.



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