Kwame Danso police fabricated cell break story – Police officer reveals

The Brong Ahafo Regional police command has indicated that four suspects reported to have been freed from the Kwame Danso District Police Cells by an angry mob were rather voluntarily released by the district police officers.

The Public Relations Officer of the Brong Ahafo Regional police command Chief inspector Augustine Oppong disclosed this in an interview with host of the Ultimate Breakfast Show Lantam Papanko.

Earlier reports corroborated by the Kwame Danso Police Commander Chief Inspector Nartey Dandy suggested that some residents of Akyeremande attacked the Kwame Danso Police Station and freed four suspects in custody.

The action by the residents was in protest of the arrest of their colleagues who were detained for assaulting some Sisala indigenes in the area and destroying their properties.

But in a rather intriguing turn of events, the Regional Police P.R.O. insists that the police succumbed to the mob who had outnumbered the police to release the suspects to people he called “men of substance” in the town.

He recounted, “The people from Akyeremade and Menko gathered in their vehicles and came to the police station demanding that they wanted the four people released otherwise there will be chaos. Because of this and the number of men who were there, we called the patrol team to come and help disperse the people. They succeeded in driving away a greater number leaving about fifty of them who were still there persisting that we release the suspects for them.”

He added, “We the police had to release the four suspects to men of substance in the Akyeremande and Menko society so that at a later date, they will produce them and this method that our customers used curtailed the situation otherwise it could have been very bad.”

Defending the decision of the police in succumbing to the crowd to release suspects, Chief inspector Augustine Oppong insisted that the suspects had only committed a misdemeanour and juxtaposing their offense with the possible clash between the police and the mob, justified the discretionary decision.

“If you fathom the enormity of the offence they had committed and the crowd, if any hot headed policeman shot, the police will only be in a bad case. So if situations have been emerging like this and we take more of these decisions, we believe that it will rather bring a very good result than to cause worse situations,” he explained.

He added that some community police personnel were later found out to have been deeply involved in the attack leaking information to the mob about the state of the police station before they amassed for the operation.

According to Chief inspector Augustine Oppong the community police involved were put before the courts together with the ring leader of the mob who was later arrested, and have all been remanded into police custody.



By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador