Tamale: Soldiers Attack Police Officers; Eight Injured

Police officers within the Tamale metropolis in the Northern region have abandoned their posts following violent attacks on some Cops by some soldiers in the area.

The Police officers are demanding that their armoury is opened so they can get access to guns and other weapons to face the armed soldiers.

The attack on the police officers occurred Wednesday after a soldier was taken to court and was asked to the be remanded after proceedings.

The soldier escaped while he was being taken into custody.

The soldier reportedly fled towards his colleagues who were undertaking an operation in town. The soldier was chased by the police officers who managed to capture him but his colleague soldiers fended them off and launched a brutal assault on the police officers.

The soldiers subsequently attacked any other police officer they came across in the Tamale metropolis.

Ultimate News’ Northern regional correspondent, Eliasu Tanko reports that eight police officers have been injured following attacks by the soldiers.

The situation has forced all the police personnel in the region to withdraw from their posts until they are given weapons by their command to retaliate.

According to reports, over a hundred police officers within the Tamale metropolis have abandoned their duty posts for fear of being attacked by the armed soldiers.



By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM