Tamale: Rampaging Soldiers Are “Terrorists” – Security Analyst

Security Analyst Adam Bonah has described as “terrorists officers of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) who went on rampage Wednesday in the Northern region, attacking police officers on duty.

At least eight police officers were left injured and undergoing treatment at the police clinic after the soldiers, said to be protesting the arrest of their colleague, invaded the city with three military vans and carried out a targeted assault on policemen.

The soldiers according to Ultimate News’ Northern regional correspondent Eliasu Tanko moved from one police post to another unleashing fury on their security counterparts, beating them with guns, sticks and canes, for arresting a military officer who was facing an assault allegation by a taxi driver who he (soldier) manhandled mercilessly after a small misunderstanding.

The development compelled the police to withdraw and abandon their posts and retreated to the regional police headquarters where the two security agencies exchanged gunfire in the presence of top security officers including the outgoing regional commander.

In a joint statement Thursday the Police and Military high command strongly condemned the clashes “in no uncertain terms” announcing the formation of a committee to investigate the “clash and similar existing cases and officers found culpable to be sanctioned in accordance with the law.”

Speaking on Starr Today, Mr. Bonah slammed the Police and Military high commands for advocating to smoke the peace pipe.

“It is almost like telling us that we are ready as a nation to negotiate and dialogue with terrorists,” he told Naa Dedei Tetteh.

He added: “I see these Military Officers who undertook this dastardly act to be terrorists. They are not different from Boko Haram insurgents; they are not different from Osama Bin Laden and Alqaeda and not different from Islamic State.

“And therefore, I would rather would have wished that by this morning those officers who have been identified would have been put in chains and brought to Accra and displayed for all of us to see so that if there are military officers who think that they are Law Lords, they are above the law and therefore the police cannot arrest them when they fall foul of the law they would learn out of that.”



Source: Starrfmonline