Aww God of Isaac, Jocob and Abraham I will worship you forever.
May your name be praised and worshipped. You are above all creations because you are the creator.
You are the one Ewes called Mawugah Kpekpezukpe because no one is like you. Asantes call you Otumfour because your power and Kingdoms are beyond measures.
You said in your word that any where you appear our “enemies” will scatter, Lord your word is true because they have started scattering.
You said your word will create confusion among our “enemies” Lord and the confusing now is beyond measures Lord. You are great Lord.
You said it in Exodus 14:14 that you will fight for us(NDC) for we should just hold our peace. Thanks for fighting our battles for us one by one Lord.
You are indeed the man of battles, the conquerer of all. The battle of Ameri has been fought ohh Lord, the battle of corruption, the battle of family and friends government, the battle of Woyome, the battle of ghost and photoshoped projects, the battle of SADA tress Lord, the battle of NIA, the battle of Dumsor, the battle of DKM, God is love and others, the battle unemployment, the battle of create loot and share, the battle of loans.
Lord you have proven that you are the Lord of HOST. You have proven to humankind (Ghanaians) that patience and truthfulness is your trademark and that is what I stand for Lord.
Lord those who claim they are competent are now super and monumental  incompetent Lord, those who claim they won’t go for loans have contracted loans in two years more than my daddy John Mills your beloved son and I contracted in eight years, those who said I run a family and friends government now have even their ex girl friends, concubines, children, grandchildren in government, those who claim I go to Dubai with my wife you gave me Mama Lordina for holidays now go to London with their entire generation Lord for holidays Lord. Those who claim i am corrupt are now wallowing in the pool of  corruption daily Lord.
Those apostles of lean government now have ambassador at large and the largest government on earth.
You have indeed caused confusion into the camps of our “enemies” daddy.
Even those who insults us and call us names and have even promised not to allow us to enter heaven have come back to apologize to us Lord. All these shows that you are always watching over me and my people daddy.
One Request Our Lord and God, all those clergies whose lips have gone dead under this administration Lord, I plead you send your angels to open their lips in Jesus name. We plead for instance lips resurrection for all of them Lord.
All your ministers who are now watching animal channels Lord change their channels for us to GH ONE, TV3, Volta Tv,Joynews, Adom TV Badwam on Tuesday morning, Pampaso and Pan African TV. Make them citizens so that they can watch, listen and follow whatever that is going on in the country Lord.
Lord, Your name indeed alone deserve to be worshipped and praised because you are Lord of Lord and King of Kings.
You are the Lord who is worshiped by hosts of Angels in your heavenly abode except angel Obinim and his friends Ayetefrem and Nimokafui.
Deliver us from the hands of the hungry elephants who have almost collapsed our country Lord and continue to keep our Former Presidents and former first ladies safe for us.
Your party NDC will not break Lord it will grow from strength to strength bucked by your words to deliver your people from the Land of Egypt (Npp) to the promise land.
May your will continue to be done in our life till victory becomes ours in 2020.
In Jesus Name I Pray With Thanksgiving.
Prayer Recorded By:
*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO.*
By: Ghana/