We’ll catch plastics instead of fishes in 2050 – Ghana Wildlife Society

The Ghana Wildlife Society has revealed that fishes and other sea species are gradually leaving the seas as it has now become uncomfortable for them.

Several species are now non existent anymore.

The Ghana Wildlife Society which has been in operation since the 1970s, yesterday campaigned strongly against the use of plastic and they will continue on Friday, 8th June, 2018, as the world marks World Ocean Day.

Two researches of Ghana Wildlife Society, Thomas Agyei and Sandra Owusu Gyamfi, who had a discussion on Morning Starr told host, Francis Abban how plastic waste is rapidly damaging our water bodies.

Thomas Agyei told Morning Starr; the correlation between plastic and wildlife is such that, the species cannot handle enough plastic and therefore it causes harm to them and leads to their death.

His colleague, Sandra OwusuGyamfi also added; the turtle for example feeds on Jelly fish.

Therefore, it mistakes the floating plastics on the water bodies for a Jelly fish and swallows it. The fragments of the plastic pieces pierce the guts of the turtle and prevents normal breathing and swallowing, this lead to their death and gradually nonexisteent.

When asked how Galamsey affects wildlife, Thomas explained that, as a result of polluting water bodies and causing water species to flee, it also causes harm to other living orgasms.

He added that, the water bodies in many remote areas in various parts of the country serves close to three million people and therefore Galamsey or illegal mining causes great harm to the society.




By: Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Elikem Prince Akoenyenu.