Dear Future Wife… 4

My Dear Future Wife,

Celebrating Fathers today is a special day in many ways. First, because it is Fathers’ Day and as usual, no one really cares about it, second, because it is 5 days to my birthday and just like Fathers’ Day, I have no expectations whatsoever, third, because soon I will be back home and finally because God gave me life and I’m here to write. So you see, I have every reason to be happy and grateful.
I have had a fun, busy and sometimes boring last month. In that same period, I have gone from Accra to Conakry to Johannesburg and back to Accra. Sometimes I love my job, but when it gets boring, it really does get boring. I wish I was already married to you, so we could tour the world together. Looking ahead, I see a time when I may need to slow down on all these movements and focus on you. I know that moment will come when I cannot be gallivanting any longer. So while it lasts, I want to make the best of it. I want to see as much as I can see and learn as much as I can learn.
When we finally get together, I would love to have holiday trips. There are so many places in Ghana to see. Even before we think about going so far, can we just consider doing a tour of Ghana? Take a week to visit the Mole National Park, see parts of the Upper regions and simple savour the beauty and bliss of countryside? I’m considering asking my friend, Jay Jay Segbefia to include us on his expeditions to the jungle. But only when you have showed up and accepted my love. I know there are so many other places we can see.
Talking about tourism, let me quickly inform you about the new Travelling Toastmasters of Ghana. Have you ever heard about Toastmasters? It is the place where leaders are made. At Toastmasters, you take baby steps to improving your public speaking skills, critical thinking skills and leadership skills. I’ve been part of Toastmasters for over 3 years now and when we finally get together, I’d love to introduce you to it; if you are not already a member.
This trip to Cape Coast coming up on 30th June is intended to be fun and for people to meet and make new friends. We will have meetings onboard the bus and stop at some of Ghana’s finest local restaurants to feast. Maybe this will be a great way to meet, or? Think about it.
Now let’s talk about Fathers’ Day. Today is a very emotional one for me. You ask why? Because eventhough I grew up getting loved by several fathers, I missed out on the true warm love of a biological father.
Partly his fault and partly not, my father did not have that connection with me. That left me building that connection with other fathers. Thus, for me, the lesson is not to repeat my father’s mistakes. I would love to be there for my children, no matter what. I would love to be there when you push those mini-mies out. I want to be there for their birthdays and memorable days. If for some reason I’m unable to be there, please remember to remind them, that I love them – no doubt.
Following this, I want to assure you that, I’ve taken note of all the things to do to become a great father. But I can only do these with your help. How much help are you willing to give me? It will be nice to hear from you. What is your relationship with your father? How much love do you show him?
I pray you take time to celebrate your dad irrespective. Remember, it’s tough enough being a man, let alone, being a father. If your dad has failed you in any way, please forgive him. I did that a few years ago and I’m happy to say, even though I have not forgotten, I have managed to build the bridge between us.
Happy Fathers’ day to all the men who read this piece. I know the struggle and I deeply respect you all for your commitment.

By: Ghana/ Kuwornu