Ghana card registration: NDC is a confused party – Lawyer Adofo

A private legal practitioner Kwame Adofo has described the biggest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as a confused party.

According to him, the confusion between members of the party is making it difficult for them to make decisions on their own.

The Minority is against the National Identification Authority (NIA) decision to only accept passports and birth certificates to establish citizenship for the Ghana Card registration.

Speaking on the Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he questioned why the minority in Parliament is kicking against the registration.

The minority which wants the Voters’ ID card to also be accepted as proof of citizenship boycotted the process.

Lawyer Adofo said supporters of the NDC are fidgeting and calling for the inclusion of the voter’s ID card as part of the requirements for the registration because the former President John Mahama said so.

“All of a sudden the NDC’S are now ‘koliko’, they are all comedians, they are all following, let’s all follow because Mahama says he is going to disenfranchise some of us.

All of a sudden they have changed. This is a very confused party, very confused, very uneducated in the sense that they don’t have book knowledge. They just can’t decipher on their own,” he added.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians are seeking legal interpretation about the validity of the exclusion of the Voters ID as proof of National Identity.




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