Ghana Pediatric Society calls on parents to be mindful of their children’s lifestyles

The Ghana Pediatric Society has called on parents to be mindful of their children’s lifestyles.

According to the society, a research conducted revealed that the growth of most kids are affected by their lifestyle patterns.

Speaking to Ultimate FM, during the annual general meeting in Kumasi of the Ashanti region under the theme ‘lifestyle choices in children and adolescent’, President of the society Dr. Maame Yaa Nyarko revealed that the annual meeting has helped to decrease infant mortality of children under the ages of five.

The event is held annually to equip care givers and stakeholders of the society the proper ways to care for children and improve their well being.

Dr Yaa Nyarko said there is the need to equip members and stakeholders of the society with better ways of caring for children.

She underscored the importance of parents seeing to it that their wards cultivate active lifestyles to make up for the sedentary activities in schools and even at home with the advent of technology and social media.

She stated ‘We know that a lot of things have become sedentary nowadays, many children are playing video games, they are not physically active, and after school they have a lot of homework’.

She added ‘In fact some parents even think children should not play, a lot of the teachers complain they are playing a lot, they are not learning but playing is important for children, they need to be physically active and they need to eat right’.

According to her, if all these things are not checked from their infancy, they are likely to become adults without their full potential.

The Ghana paediatric society is made up of Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, members of the civil society and each year they choose a particular research topic, come together as a group and share knowledge at their scientific meetings.




By: Ghana/ Boakye