Gas fuel station owners to sue gov’t over Cylinder Re-circulation Model

The Gas Fuel Station Operators Association is threatening to sue government if the planned Cylinder Re-circulation Model is not suspended.

Leaders of the gas fuel stations last month met the energy ministry, the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) and the cylinder re-distribution implementation committee.

At that meeting, a number of proposals including the shutting down of high risk gas filling stations and re-alignment of the operations of low risk gas filling stations were tabled.

The operators contend the regime which will see several gas fuel stations turned into bottled cylinder distribution sites will put their operations in limbo.

The association held a news conference in Kumasi insisting that government does not have any legal authority to dictate to their members, which business they can engage in; at their various sites.

A member of the Gas Fuel Station Operators Association Nicholas Issaka Gbana insisted that the association has resolved to use the courts to stop government from proceeding with the policy.

He told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, ‘we have asked government to suspend the policy and rather have a proper stakeholder agreement to come out with a better alternative but as far as it has declined to listen, we are going to court’.

He explained that the bottling companies are also private sector agents licensed by government to begin operations and wondered why government will alter the operations of an existing industry to suit their business.

He questioned, “Before shopping malls came, our mothers were selling vegetables in the market. Has anybody told our market women to stop selling their vegetables because people can buy packaged vegetables at the mall?”

He insisted ‘at worst, if you want to license a bottling plant, go ahead but don’t force us to become distributors or sales agents of bottling plants.”






By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador