Freddie Blay’s Camp Takes Delivery of “Promised” 275 Buses

Leading contender in the Chairmanship race of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Mr. Freddie Blay, has taken delivery of two hundred and seventy five (275) buses his campaign promised all constituency chairpersons.
The buses according to his campaign was secured through a bank facility.
The vehicles are expected to used for commercial transport service and the proceeds would be used to finance the activities of every one of the 275 constituencies where the party has representation.
Additionally, a party of the revenue generated would also be used to service 11 million dollars bank facility that was used to secure the buses.

Speaking to journalists at the Tema Port after taking delivery of the buses, Spokesperson for the Acting Chairman of the NPP, Richard Nyamah, said the decision by Freddie Blay’s Campaign to acquire the buses for the 275 constituencies is motivated by his quest to ensure that the constituencies generate revenue on their own and not to rely on government and or the party leadership for their sustainable.

He reiterated that the buses would be managed by the State Transport Corporation (STC), a decision which is essentially to ensure that the buses are managed professionally and to guarantee maximum profitability.

The loan facility contracted to acquire the buses according to the Spokesperson is expected to be paid back in full within the next two years.

By: Ghana/