Armed Robbers Attack Passengers on Dunkwa – Kumasi Road

Armed Robbers this dawn robbed some passengers on board a Metro Mass Buss bound for Kumasi .

The robbers heavily armed with pump action guns , took advantage of secluded nature of the road and made way with unspecified amount of money from the passengers.

The indecent took place around Manukrom forest on the Dunkwa – Kumasi route.

A victim who gave his name as Akasimah Fosu speaking on the Ultimate Breakfast Show with Host Landan Papanko indicated that “When we got to the forest at dawn we saw two robbers each holding a pump action gun. They first shot twice into our moving vehicle forcing our driver to stop,” he said.

Fosu added that “the robbers who had face masks and speaking Fulani entered into our vehicle and started to rob us of all our belongings. We are not the only vehicle the robbers attacked. About 10 vehicles were involved.”

“As I am speaking with you now the robbers have taken away all the items they robbed from us. The items include mobile phones, bags, monies and other items.’’

No casualty has been reported in the robbery incident.

Most of the victims who were traders and traveling to Kumasi to buy goods to sell in their various communities had to return home.

Several attempts to get police in the area to confirm the robbery incident has been unsuccessful.

By: Ghana/