KNUST Col. of Engineering commissions 31.9m refurbished and retooled laboratory

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has commissioned a fully refurbished and retooled laboratory for the university’s College of Engineering.

The College of Engineering currently runs 15 undergraduate and over 50 post graduate courses in various disciplines of engineering.

The college which currently has a student population of some five thousand five hundred has trained 95% of all locally trained engineers working in several institutions in Ghana.

Notwithstanding The contribution of the college to the country and beyond, it has for several years faced constraints of inadequate and obsolete equipment and defective buildings housing its laboratories.

Training and Research activities are however expected to see a massive improvement with the purchase of new equipment costing some 5.6 Million Euros funded from the internally generated funds of the university.

The university also refurbished the laboratories at a cost of some 1.3 million cedis with the Volta River Authority, GridCo and the Electricity Company of Ghana donating some four hundred and fifty cedis to reroof the laboratories.

Commissioning the retooled laboratory, Vice Chancellor of the University professor Obiri Danso and administration of the engineering college inspected the facility to appreciate the investment made into the department.

The equipment included Universal Testers, Triaxial Shear Testing equipments, Fuel Cell fabricators, a Pendulum Impact Tester, Heat Exchanger, Pump Test Right, Torsional Vibrating, Equipment, Strain Gauge Trainer, a Tree Pinned Arch among others.

The sophisticated equipment are tooled to support engineering research in soil testing, marine works, bridge and building construction, equipment and material fabrication, standard routines, aeronautical tests, petrochemical assessments, minerals prospecting among others.

The VICE CHANCELLOR Professor Obiri Danso charged the college to create innovation hubs to begin manufacturing vehicles and other technologies that can be credited to the university.

He recounted the Boafo and Adom vehicles that were manufactured by the University to support industrial work and recommended that hubs be instituted with professors and teaching assistants tasked to continually develop those technologies till they became fit for public use.

He directed, “If it is car making, these group of lecturers together with their Teaching Assistants and students will have a hub that is developing a vehicle and then we can keep developing these technologies. When we started with Boafo, we came to Adom then because those lecturers left, that ended our industry until we recently manufactured the Turtle together with a German University. If we had maintained that hub I am sure we would have had a plane over our heads currently,”

The provost of the college Professor Mark Adom Asamoah told Ultimate News the retooled and refurbished department is to give students the practical skills required to prepare them for industry.

“We believe that for the training of engineers, the practical aspect of what they do is very important. From first year to final year, every student depending on the course they are offering will have to get into the labs to make good use of the lab equipments as part of their training. The idea is that by the time they get to the field, they will have a good appreciation of how mechanically things work,”

He told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador the college is implementing three new courses in BSc Industrial Engineering, BSc automobile engineering and BSc Marine Engineering in the next academic year.

Project manager of the laboratory retooling project and senior lecturer at the department of mechanical engineering, Dr Joshua Ampofo pointed out that the laboratory will benefit the KNUST and other sister technical universities and institutions.

His outfit however expects that the equipment is properly managed and maintained to both train students and generate some revenue from institutions which will patronise the services of the laboratories.

By: Ghana/ Heathcote – Fumador