Pubs, Clubs, Traders takeover nightlife in Kumasi.

Night life in Kumasi has taken on a new trend with several streets lit with flashy lights, illuminating various places like the bars, clubs and pubs.

It gets more pronounced over the weekends with live band music and huge stages taking over almost every corner of town.

Apart from vibrant areas like bantam and Krofrom, this used not to be, in the not so far past.

Aside other smaller joints, Plus 2 pub, Santinos, Queens’s gate, Asante hometouch, It’s my kitchen, Frimps, Money Matters now Adonko Spots Bar, NW9, Vienna City, Kona and Ol’lady’s Sports Bar have virtually taken over the metropolis.

There are so many varied reasons why these nocturnal beings prefer to go out at night after a long day’s work to have fun.

A regular at the club admitted she likes night partying because it is less intrusive and gives more room for her to explore uncommon dresses.

She told reporter Vanessa Nti – Asare, “I like going to the night clubs and night parties because you get to have enough fun but during the daytime there are some clothes you cannot wear because there are a lot of eyes on you. We get to wear short clothes and whatever you feel like wearing and it’s classy. But during the day people will just look at you as some kind of a bad girl.”

A worker at the Ol’lady’s sports bar described how hectic working in the night could be.

But for him, it was a passion he has harbored for years and even hopes to establish a bar with a wider variety of offers on his own.

Meanwhile, it’s not only for entertainment but a time for some people to hustle and make ends meet.

According to a detergent seller at Dr.Mensah, she chooses to sell at night because there is no harassment from officials of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly charging tolls. For her, it is also a way to while away her idle hands at home.

“On some nights, business is good. At other times, you will come here and leave without making much. But I have nothing doing at home so I come here to make some money,” she shared.

All these constitute the spice of night life in the Garden City. You are either making more money while others sleep or spending money while you revel.

By:Ghana/ Vanessa Nti – Asare