Luxury taxes will translate into good roads – DVLA Boss charges drivers.

The driver vehicle licensing authority says it is expecting to see better road networks as drivers of luxury vehicles begin paying extra levies.

Per the revised tax regime, vehicles with engine capacities beyond 3.0 will be paying between 1000 and 4000 cedis for vehicle registration and renewal of road worthy certificates.

Ultimate News’ checks with the DVLA in the Ashanti region indicate that its offices have not seen any change in the patterns of transactions involving this category of vehicles within the first few days of enforcement.

But the Ashanti regional director of the DVLA Edmond Cheyoo indicates it will be in the best interest of the users of these vehicles to begin paying these levies which could translate into some gains for the road fund.

He told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, “this is a levy for government and once revenues increase, we believe some will be channelled as road fund revenues to improve the conditions of the road for the country.”

“We are appealing to those who fall within this category to bear with us. We can asure them they will see the results. There are so many roads that are expected to be asphalted and new roads that need to be constructed. Once the revenues go up, part will go into the road fund to do all of this and it will make life comfortable,” He assured.

By:Ghana/ Heathcote – Fumador