Travelers face considerable inconveniences at the Benin – Nigeria border.

Passengers who travel to Nigeria by road are facing considerable inconveniences at the Benin-Nigeria border.

That’s because ongoing construction at the border between Nigeria and Benin republics has been uncompleted for more than 7 years now.

The road WHICH HAS BEEN DIVERTED THROUGH The back of the border now used by vehicles is gone bad and waterlogged.

It is very difficult for cars to pass through the road due to the large quantity of water in the border area.

People have to drag their clothes up in order to pass through the water without getting their clothes stained.

When it rains heavily, some of the bikes and cars cannot make it through the water because of how bad it is.

Some passengers who regularly travel between Ghana and Nigeria told Ultimate News’ Faith Ilesanmi the road is getting worse and are demanding swift attention from both countries.

“They really need to do something to open the new border because this backyard road is waterlogged and difficult to use. The last time I used this border, it was flooded,” a passenger complained.

“In fact it is woeful. The governments of the two countries have been on the building of that border for so many years and the border has been abandoned. The bypass to the border is a no go area because the place is waterlogged, vehicles struggle to pass, the bike riders on that road fall into the water and it’s not a good sight to behold. Thugs are everywhere extorting money from people,” another commuter observed.

By: Ghana/ Faith Tolulope Ilesanmi