“The scorpion stings by nature” – Conti Alumnus warn female students

Female Students who have been assigned to previously male dominated halls of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have begun receiving threats on their lives.

Some of the female students who have been speaking with Ultimate FM in Kumasi indicate they have been receiving facebook messages warning them not to step foot in either University hall otherwise Katanga and Unity Hall well known as Continental Hall .

One of the terrified female students assigned to the Katanga hall, who spoke to host of the Ultimate Breakfast Show Lantam Papanko indicated that some of the messages speak to a ploy to torment some of the female students with snakes and scorpions.

“You can see all the creepy things they are talking about, reptiles and all these threats. If you value your life don’t come and the rest. It’s really scary. It’s a threat on my life,” the visibly frightened student stated.

Meanwhile, the alumni of the unity hall have been reinforcing the resolve of the hall, to show the females where the power lies should they attempt occupying their rooms.

The interim president for the unity hall Alumni and 2008 – 2009 Odikro OF the Continental hall Albert Amegavi told Lantam Papanko “Unity and Katanga have their own traditions and once they are joining us they should be ready for the excesses

“We have been like this for the past fifty years. Our traditions, our kingship, our way of doing things, our staying together, our brotherhood, our comrade has been nurtured in a way that it is only males who stay there

He added, if you think you have trained a scorpion and you can put it in your palm and it will not sting you, it is up to you. The scorpion has its nature and if you drop it in your palm it is likely it will sting you. That is how it is and you cannot do anything about it.”

Meanwhile the students from the Unity and University halls are today embarking on a route match submit a petition to the Chancellor of the University Asantehene Otumffuo Osei Tutu II for a possible stay on the processes to get females resident in the two halls.