IDD/NBU Ignite – Youth of Asokore Mampong explore potentials through story telling

Youth of Asokore Mampong in the Ashanti region have found a rather communal approach towards finding opportunities to sell their ideas; motivate each other and glean inspiration from mentors.

The youth have signed up to a story telling clinic dabbed Ignite, an initiative of EU funded Not for profit organisation the No Business as Usual Hub and an educational culture exchange tour agency “its deeper than travel”

The participants of these meetings are young people from different classes; students, entrepreneurs, youth coaches, workers and trainers.

Another diversity you find here is the different backgrounds with participants coming from the Diaspora sharing different cultures and trends in their countries and bringing global perspectives to issues.

Their topics cut across business successes, culture, life experiences and anything intellectually stimulating.

The members are taken through skills and tools to tell their stories in a compelling way exploring elements of emotion and connecting with their audience through the various means of communication.

Sharing her motivation for coming out with the idea, the founder of its Deeper Than Travel and brain behind these meet-ups Inez Nelson explained, and “a lot of the Diaspora has allowed others to tell us what our stories are so this event is to allow us to learn how to tell our stories.”

She told Ultimate News, “Whether or not you are an entrepreneur, a regular person, or someone who is a professional, you will need to be able to tell your story well because people will resonate and be able to attach to your idea more with that. Our aim is to give people the tools to do that especially now at a time that a lot of people are building their brands.”

“We also wanted to sit Ghanaians, African Americans and second generation Africans and Caribbean’s who are from the United States in one room to interact with each other.”

Trainer and programs officer with the NBU hub Shaibu Fuseini is positive such interactions should expose participants to opportunities and the networks they need to achieve their goals.

Speaking in an interview with reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador he pointed out, “for us at the NBU hub, we are basically out to inspire the youth of Asokore Mampong, we thought it wise to bring this American Group to enable our youth here, to connect with them and share their stories to empower themselves and get exposed to opportunities and it has been amazing.”

Participants of this story clinic have already begun gleaning some inspiration to build themselves into the global picture from their localities.

“It is really amazing when you come into contact with people coming from a different background and different countries all together to share stories that will let you know what is happening in the outside world. I realized that culture is dynamic and inculcating ones culture into yours, is what we really term as education,” a transformational trainer and founder of the Dreamers Guide Amin Mohammed shared with Ultimate News.

A graduate from the Asia Pacific University now resident in the Asokore Mampong Municipal Area, Zara Anyars Casin, “recounted I have learnt a lot about how to put your story out there in a way that people can relate with. I did my university education outside and through that, I met a lot of different people from so many countries and what we did to relate to each other was to tell our story”

By:Ghana/ Heathcote – Fumador