Energy Commission withdraws licenses of 100 wiring electricians.

The Energy Commission has within two years, withheld the licences of a hundred certified electrical wiring professionals,  for failing to stick to the highest standards of professionalism and signing off documents on wiring works they did not conduct.

This was disclosed at the graduation of a thousand electric wiring professionals who have completed the National Electric Wiring Program in Kumasi.

The National Electric Wiring Program was initiated by the Energy Commission after the Ghana Electrical Wiring Regulations were passed by parliament in 2012.

The one year Training and Certification Course set for itself a 2017 deadline, to fully regulate the operations of wiring and installation electricians and to face out all quark and lay-electricians from the country.

Its Objective is to protect people, property and livestock from the dangers of electrocution and fires caused by poor wiring done by unprofessional electricians.

Since 2013 the program has churned out some seven thousand certified electrical wiring professionals for domestic wiring, commercial wiring and wiring inspection duties.

Speaking to Ultimate News on the sidelines of the graduation, the lead officer of the National Electrical Wiring Program Steven Yomoh assured that the commission is poised to put in robust monitoring mechanisms to flush out unprofessional electricians from the system.

He disclosed, “We have advised the professionals not to use unapproved wiring materials and when we go on the ground and we find out that they are doing substandard work with inferior materials, that violates the portions of our regulations and we withdraw their licenses. This year, we have withdrawn licences of about 25 electricians and last year we withdrew about 75 and after they served their suspensions, they got back their items to go back to work,”

The Public Relations Officer of the Energy Commission Victor Owusu was positive the policy for the Electricity Company and NEDCo to deny power to homes not wired by certified electricians; has been widely successful.

He told reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, No one will go in for unqualified electricians because of the consequences that you will not get electricity connection if you use an uncertified wiring person.”

Sharing their experiences with GHONE News, the newly certified electricians expressed need for unqualified electricians to enrol to get their operations, legitimized.

These certified professionals have been issued seals, identification cards and electrical installation certification by the Energy Commission to operate legally in the country.

By:Ghana/ Heathcote – Fumador