Sachet water to cost 30pesewas, next week as cost of production heightens .

Ghanaians should expect to be paying extra for sachet water as producers in the country plan to increase prices from 20 pesewas to 30 pesewas per sachet.

The new prices, which will take effect from Monday 12th November, 2018 has been necessitated by the rising cost of production and distribution.

The National Director, Corporate Affairs of the National Association of Sachet and packaged water producers,  Kwame Agyapon Ntra in a press release is calling on the general public to adhere to the new price.

The association is arguing their business are been affected due to the cost of operation over the past few months.

A bag of Sachet water from trucks and water depots will now be 3.50p while a price of sachet water selling at 20 pesewas will now sell at 30 pesewas per sachet.

Meanwhile some residents in the Ashanti Region speaking to are not happy with intended increment and are calling on the association to consider the roll over effects of the new pricing next-week.

Below is the Press Release from the Association