NAGRAT concerned as Schools run out of teachers for Gold Track

The Ghana National Association of Graduate Teachers in the Ashanti region is warning of dire problems in senior high schools due to inadequate teachers in the Gold Track stream.

An assessment of the teacher front suggests that several schools are understaffed as teachers in the green track; most of whom are experienced, have taken a break.

NAGRAT has further established that the over eight thousand graduates recruited to augment the staff in senior high schools lack the experience and the relevant backgrounds to teach their courses.

Speaking to Ultimate News; the Ashanti regional secretary of NAGRAT Joseph Atendana Baba cautioned that the situation could have unpleasant consequences on the quality of education in the senior high schools if not urgently addressed.

He lamented, “It’s been three weeks into the gold track and we do not have the full complement of teachers. In some schools that need three to four ENGLISH teachers, they either have one and in some schools none and some students have not even tasted some courses yet. Some heads of department have had to call back the green track teachers who have to be resting, to come back and hold the fort.”

“Most of the experienced teachers were in the gold track and most of the teachers who have come in now are inexperienced and some don’t have knowledge in the subject they are teaching. I have an example of somebody who did development studies at UDS who is coming to teach geography. How do we expect these students to pass and pass well,” Mr Atindana Baba quizzed.

He told reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, headmasters and mistresses are unable to speak about these challenges for fear of victimization and transfers.

NAGRAT Ashanti Region is also concerned increasing the time span of academic periods, is having a detrimental effect on the attentiveness of students in class.

He explained, “For now every period is about one hour and how do you keep doing things to sustain the attention span of the student if you have to teach for two hours and these are real concerns.”

Joseph Atindana Baba pleaded that government addresses these challenges “with the speed of light “because every teacher anywhere on the planet will do their best but if the conditions are not favourable, I don’t know what magic the teachers can conjure.”

By: Ghana/